Karen Krich Leder 

A beautiful bed and breakfast with an amazing host! 

Thank you Susan for your hospitality! The stay was perfect! See you again very soon.

Janet Robertson 

An excellent venue for weddings, homecoming pictures and prom pictures and many other outings. 

The decor is very nice and a large yard with plenty of room to roam. 

After your visit to Katherine Grace Manor, you will have wonderful memories.

Erin Conley Burrows 

Stunning views, vintage rooms and much more. 

Great photo opportunities, a lot of thought and detail into making this a one of a kind place. Absolutely breathtaking!

Chris Wilson 

What a perfect venue. It's both modern and classic at the same time. 

Susan keeps this place absolutely spotless. It is gorgeous!

Belinda Robertson Mitchell 

Gorgeous venue for weddings! 

We went to take homecoming pictures and now plan to do something extra special for Senior Prom.